Consulting for Systems Change

Pivot Advocacy, PC provides tailored consulting services to organizations interested in preventing harassment and promoting social justice.

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Training and Education

We provide tailored training and curriculum development for the promotion of healthy relationships, ending gender-based violence, creating restorative and transformative approaches in community building, and interrupting harassment and oppression.

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Policy Advocacy

We believe that systems change to promote social justice and end gender-based violence takes advocacy and education. Pivot Advocacy is dedicated to engaging in advocacy that centers those most marginalized and silenced in society.

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Be The Change

Pivot Advocacy, PC is committed to community and institutional change for social justice through educating the people within those systems, developing supportive and in-house methods to confront and end oppression and harassment, and creating tools for the promotion of healthy communities, workplaces, and families.

We work with each client from a unique and personalized analysis of the strengths and challenges they are facing.  We are excited to work with organizations that are ready to take major steps to ending oppression within their spaces and seek to partner with clients who are similarly dedicated to building collaborative approaches.

Pivot Advocacy, PC takes a holistic approach to systems change that includes both forward-facing and internal tools to pivot from systemic oppression to beloved community.

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