Consulting for Systems Change

Pivot Advocacy, PC provides in-depth, tailored consulting for systems changes in your organization and community to interrupt and end violence against women, sex discrimination, and promote a respectful organizational culture. Our consulting includes reviews of current training and education programs, policy and procedures review, and development of an incremental systems change approach through a trauma-informed framework.

Training and Education

Our educational approach centers around interactive and live training which includes adapting curriculum to meet specific client needs and organizational strengths and challenges. Training and group facilitation incorporates multiple learning styles and centers a trauma-informed approach.

Policy Advocacy

Policy advocacy is an important piece of the Pivot Advocacy, PC systems change approach.  Through instituting and guiding the development of just, fair and inclusive policies, organizations create a foundation for social justice.  Pivot Advocacy, PC provides for advocacy and policy development strategies at the organizational, regional, state, and national levels.


Make a change and be the change

Pivot Advocacy, PC can help you pivot your organization, institution, community, and state towards a future that promotes healing and opportunities for all.

Stronger together

Engaging the entire system in a strategic way is central to the Pivot Advocacy approach.  Join us in mapping the path to fair and respectful communities.


Next Steps...

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